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General auto mechanics in Auburn, Washington perform a wide spectrum of tasks to maintain your automobile’s functioning smoothly and safely. Usually working in a garage, a service station or an auto repair shop, auto mechanics possess many different skills needed to do all kinds of repairs and maintenance to cars. Because of the wide variety of skills possessed by mechanics, many mechanics are prone to becoming bored and frustrated quickly. Because mechanics are frequently exposed to various models and makes of cars on a regular basis, many become knowledgeable about specific problems specific to each make and model.

Diesel Engine Mechanics Diesel engines require specific care because of the nature of their lubricating oils. Because the performance of diesel engines is dependent on oil lubrication, it is very important that mechanics pay special attention to oil problems associated with these engines. Some general repairs include checking and changing spark plugs, replacing oil filters, and also checking the drain plug. Some diesel engines may need to have oil additives added to the oil in order to improve performance. In addition, certain diesel engines will burn more fuel than other types of engines, therefore need more oil to operate properly.

Truck and Auto Mechanic Work Boots The large variety of specialized footwear needed by vehicle mechanics demands many kinds of special work boots. Depending on the size and shape of a mechanic’s work boots, he or she will need to purchase different styles. For example, a small engine mechanic might need to wear slip-on or clog free work boots to work on small engines that are not too complex. Some auto repair professionals even wear safety boots to protect their feet during working on vehicles that are more powerful and complicated.

Heavy Vehicle Mechanic Work Boots When a heavy vehicle mechanic needs to service a large engine, he or she will most likely need to purchase boots that offer support for heavy-duty pliers, steel-toe soles, and shock-absorbing features. While smaller automotive parts can be worn comfortably, larger auto parts such as spark plugs and bolts may need to be strapped on with special fasteners. As a heavy vehicle mechanic, you can expect to earn around $200 an hour for your services.

Automotive Service Specialist Jobs There are many auto mechanic jobs available around the country. If you are interested in working on specific makes of vehicles, there are specific schools that teach specific skills. For example, if you would like to become a technician that works on vehicles that are made by Ford, GM, or Dodge, there are schools that provide training for this certification. If you have interests in becoming a mechanical engineer or technologist, you can check with the Department of Labor to see which schools offer the education you are seeking.






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