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We understand that your cars are big investments so we make sure to provide you the best auto services. If your car needs fixing, we are the best in the industry as we only use the best tools and professional mechanics. 


For any business start up costs, the startup costs for auto shop are comparatively low. In most states, these shops are allowed to charge their customers as high as they like, provided only that the charges are not exorbitant. And, even then if the shop cannot convince the state authorities to waive a few percentage points, the charges can be reduced by improving the quality of service that is offered. Charges for auto shop services in Auburn, Washington can be based on one-time per-repair basis, or on a monthly basis. There are also a few shops that offer discounts to new customers. And, a number of auto shops provide incentives to their existing customers in the form of special discount sales and free services or even cash back plans. The startup costs for auto shop start from the actual fixing of the car, including the purchase of the tools used for repairing the car, the cost of the parts needed for repairing the car, and the salaries paid to the workers who work in the auto shop. All these costs have to be paid only after the customer has paid his bill.

So, the actual cost of repairing a car is much more than the cost of buying a new one. But, with proper planning, and an understanding of the labor and cost components involved in repairing a vehicle, it is possible to reduce the total cost of repairing a car by as much as half. The operation cost of any auto body shop includes the salaries paid to the mechanics who work in the shop, the overhead expenses, and the utilities cost. These costs have to be kept in mind while deciding upon an auto shop. Most shops prefer to employ a number of qualified mechanics, instead of one qualified mechanic, to handle all the repairs. The qualified mechanics are persons who have a thorough knowledge of all the repair aspects of the cars they are handling. They are more efficient than hiring mechanics, since they know the exact way in which every part of the car needs to be repaired.

Another major factor affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of an auto shop includes its marketing plan. Proper marketing strategy can attract new customers and retain the existing ones. A good auto shop’s marketing plan includes the provision of services to its existing customers at competitive prices. It also provides services to the new customers at low prices. An auto shop’s marketing plan also includes the creation of a brand image in the neighborhood, and a publicity program to increase the awareness of the service provided in the auto shop. The establishment of an ethical code within the auto repair shop also builds trust. The code should include rules on how the shop management deals with its clients, and how the client is supposed to be dealt with. Another way to build trust between the shop and the customer is to offer services that are customer-oriented and not customer-centric. Clients should be made aware of the entire situation, from the first visit until the last. In addition, the shop should offer a guarantee on all repairs, to prevent them from being liable for a faulty or damaged vehicle.






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